All Things New

Christmas is here. This is the day that we spend a month, and tons of cash (or credit) getting ready for. Over the next few days, remember that Christmas is about the faithfulness of God. It is about His overarching commitment to Shalom the hearts if those He calls to Himself.

God created the universe in 6 days, and rested on the 7th. He declared creation to be very good. Placing man in an amazing garden, He gave man dominion over it. His only commands were to tend the garden, and to not eat from the tree of Knowledge. While in the garden, Adam sinned, and Adams’ sin made way for eves sin.

Romans 5: 5 indicates that through one man, Adam, sin entered the world. Everything that was good was marred. Everything. The fall of man was so complete that man was rendered incapable and unwilling to reconcile himself to God.

But God would not leave us in our fallen state. He promises that there would be One who would crush the head of the serpent. (Gen 3:15) God promised to make a way for His people to be reconciled to Himself. He took on the task Himself. There was no one else who could.

God began to fulfill His promise to Adam and Eve be placing His own Son in a manger in Bethlehem. The manger points to the Cross. The cross takes us through the tomb to the Resurrection.

We now wait for His return. The manger led to the cross. The resurrection guarantees His return. His return is not a pie in the sky wish. We can look throughout history, and see that as He fulfils His promises, they are perfectly fulfilled. There is reason and hope to believe that Jesus will return.

When the book of Revelation was written around AD 55, Jesus is called faithful and true (Rev 21:5) In the same verse, Jesus tells us that He is making all things new. All that was broken in Eden, Jesus is restoring. He brings His peace to Shalom our violent hearts. He will renew our minds. The government of His peace will reign in our lives forever.

This is the hope and joy of Christmas. Even so Lord Jesus, come quickly.


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