Missed opportunities

Preach the Gospel at all times…when necessary, use words.

St. Francis of Assisi

As of the writing of this blog entry, the Book of Daniel has been pulled from the Nashville market. The local NBC affiliate received such an overwhelming response of dislike for the program, that the show will be replace with something else in that time slot. I am not surprised, but I am disappointed.

In my last entry, I pointed out there were some great opportunities to engage the culture. Instead of a large number of Christians saying “OK, Lets talk about homosexuality, addiction, drug abuse, warped marriages, bad relationships, love and the nature of Jesus”, a few very vocal people could not get past the offence to see the larger opportunity. It is sad, really. The church has taken a beating over the last 30 or 40 years for it’s stand on various issues. That does not mean that the position taken was wrong, but the approach could have been better.

There is a tendency in the church to run and hide under a rock and pretend that the “world” doesn’t exist, or to throw rocks at the world without regard for where those rocks hit. While the opposite extreme is not any better (ignoring or worse rubber stamping sin), we can call sin what it is, and then walk along side those who live life apart from Jesus and love them well. We need not fear that we will get trapped in their sin ourselves (although Scripture warns us to be prudent) we are called to go and preach the Gospel.

There is a watching world. It sees when we react in a knee-jerk way. It sees when we carelessly throw stones and needlessly harm people. It sees too much of this. It sees far too little of a church that is broken in repentance. It sees nothing of a church that serves in brokenness.

The Book of Daniel (the TV series) will most likely fall victim to another knee-jerk reaction by the evangelical community, and another opportunity will be lost to really engage the culture as opposed to running and hiding in fear, and we are the weaker for it.


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