The Left Melting Down, and How to Save a TV Show

Looking over the message boards that NBC has for The Book of Daniel, I get the sense that the left can’t take what they dish out. For some reason, God has no place in the public forum, but anything and everything else does.

For some odd reason that I am unable to fathom, it is good to see a family with a bumbling idiot drug addicted priest whose wife has a martini addiction, and who’s kids, father and boss are morally bankrupt is great television. Oh, let’s not forget the caricature of Jesus: Nice, easy going, friendly, and all around great guy, unable to be the least bit sovereign. He seems to be so weak; that he has no ability to change lives without human cooperation. And there is the premise that all people are basically good. All of this love and flowers and goodness of man would make even Pelagius sick.

But it is unimaginably reprehensible for a group of people to address their concerns about a particular TV show. What has happened in Nashville and 3 or 4 other markets (why all the fuss of 4 or 5 markets. You have all of the rest of them showing it)

We live in a free market society. If a customer (viewer) does lot like a product (TV show) they have the right to express their concerns to those responsible for that product. They can turn off the TV, but they can also inform the station, the advertisers and those who are responsible for the production of that show that unless they want the consumers money, they will have to produce a product the consumer wants, and until that is done, the TV stations as well as the advertisers can expect none of the consumers money. There is no censorship here, that is just simple high school econ 101. In the case of Nashville WSMV decided they wanted the patronage of those who called and complained about the show. They complained, not enough people called in and praised the show, so WSMV pulled it. There was no censoring, they were just simply giving the consumers they heard from what they wanted. Many on the left did this kind of thing when Mel Gibson’s movie came out, so what is the problem with the Church doing it in this case? Oh, wait a minute; the rules are different for the left and the right. Sorry, my mistake.

There is a post by someone claiming to be Jack Kenny, the creator of The Book of Daniel. Here is the first paragraph:

First, I want to THANK all of you for the myriad messages of SUPPORT I’ve seen on this and many other boards and sites. Most everyone seems to understand that this is NOT any kind of attack or mocking of Christianity, but rather simply a fictional story in which the characters happen to be Christian. And also, very good people – despite being distilled down to their one or two flaws, something I don’t think any real person would care to have done to them either. So again, I thank you for your unwavering support and the fascinating discussion I’ve been witness to on these sites.

For the remainder of this entry, I will assume that the poster is Mr. Kenny, and will make a retraction if the opposite is proven to be true.

Mr. Kenny, this show IS an attack on the historic, orthodox Christian faith. I am not at all opposed to all of these issues being tackled in an intelligent, and Biblical way. Weather you like it or not, and weather you intended to or not, you are not answering the fundamental question in the situations you create: how does the Gospel change these lives? Another question is what does the Gospel require of us when we see our pastors family struggling? I am not looking for stones to throw, I am looking for people coming along side a troubled family, and walking with them through their insanity. I am looking for an elder board that loves the pastor well enough to carry the priest and his family through some tough circumstances.

I know families who have had to deal with drug addicts, alcoholics, sex addicts, and kids who deal with homosexuality. There is no magic formula for dealing with these issues. Overbearing condemnation is just as destructive as letting the desire for friends and family to “just be happy”. What about healthy? What about holy? Life is far too difficult to just reduce Biblical sanity to “happiness”.

Scripture tells us that there is none who is good, except One. That One is the Creator of the universe. The Creator alone has the right to define what is good. He alone has the right to define what love is. He alone has the right to define right and wrong.

You have taken that One, and reduced Him to a nice moral friend. The Jesus we read of in Scripture bears no resemblance to the Jesus you have created in your show. You will find that when there is such an obvious difference between what we see on TV, and what we read about in Scripture, the Church will not take it lightly. We will not sit by and allow His character to be diluted in the way you have done. The reason that The Passion was embrace by the Church, and your show is garnering such opposition is on this one point: The Church believed that Mel Gibson sought to portray Jesus as He is, not how Mel would like Jesus to be. Your show has shown Jesus to be something else altogether.

The Church is made up of sinful, people. The best of us are in desperate need of the grace of Jesus every second of our lives. However, we will not allow Jesus to be diluted as you, and others before you, have done.

Don’t give us some show that makes the people more moral. That is a facade and we can smell it a mile off. Rather, give us a show that shows us Jesus as He really is. You have shown us that we as humans are far worse off that we think, now, save the show and show us Jesus loving us far more than we dare hope or dream possible. Give us a show that shows that Jesus loves us far more than we could ever deserve, but loves too much to leave us as we are. Show us the Biblical Gospel, ,and we will set our VCR’s; DVR’s, TIVO’s, and DVD recorders to watch.


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  1. Update, NBC took the Book of Daniel message boards down when the fall 2006 season of programing started, so the link is unfortunately no longer good.

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