For Those with a Spice Addiction…

Arrakis.  Dune.  Desert Planet.

I saw the news here first. 

Then I went here.

Then I checked for a more official word, here, here and here.

It would seem that the sleeper has finally awakened, and the spice will flow again.  Fremen will come from every sietch will rejoice to see the return of Maud’Dib, who will bring about the fall of Padishah Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV, again.

I do hope that Sting will reprise the role of Feyd Harkonnen.


6 Responses

  1. …but to remain true to the books, both Paul and Feyd should be played by younger actors than even those that played them in the SciFi Channel miniseries…


  2. Mike,
    You are correct, of course. I realize it is wishful thinking on my part.

    Perhaps they could get Stings son, Joe Sumner, to take the role. They have a similar vocal quality, although Joe has a bit of Bono in there somewhere.

    I did not like the guy that Sci Fi got to play Paul in the mini series. Paul came across as far too arragant.

  3. That I agree with – and was actually a point of contention with hardcore fans.

    However, we did get to see the character of Paul develop into a conflicted, reluctant non-messiah, which is sort of how I viewed Paul, especially after Dune Messiah and the later revelations that he’d abandoned the Golden Path because of the high personal and human cost.

    I’m just excited to see what they’ll do with this new version.

    After all, Dune is to sci-fi what LOTR is to fantasy…

  4. Sounds good!

    … but is it likely to happen, like, oh I dunno, before I die?

    • Unfortunately, it seems that the project is on indefinate hold.

      • Damn, that sucks. There are many parallels with what’s happening in the world today (for ‘spice’ read ‘oil’; climate change; power misplaced in the hands of the lunatic few); pretty topical stuff.

        The Lynch version was dire: the two SciFi channel miniseries were better but still way under par. There’s a lot of scope for this art to be repainted.

        Perhaps whoever has the rights should look at a Kickstarter funding effort. Paramount’s $100million may not be attainable by that route, but then Hollywood is far too bloated anyway…

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