Crucial Abortion Case Information

An internet friend of mine sent me this information of an important case in Kansas.  Please pray for those involved.


Caleb Stegall is involved in what may be the most crucial abortion battle since Roe v Wade. . Pray that the case before the Kansas Supreme Court would be decided in a way that will glorify God and save unborn babies. . In 2004, then Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline began investigating the abortion practices of Dr. George Tiller in Wichita and of Planned Parenthood in Kansas City. Tiller is THE worldwide leader in late-term abortions. If a young girl from, say Sweden, wanted a late-term abortion, she would go to Wichita! Kline’s investigation uncovered multiple likely violations of Kansas’ abortion laws. As the investigation and prosecution progressed, every hurdle was thrown in its path by the abortion industry and by elements of our state government who politically opposed the investigation. Kline was mercilessly mocked and ridiculed by the Kansas press to the point where even some abortion opponents were wondering if some of his rhetoric had gone beyond prudence. To draw that conclusion would be to miss the point ~ which is to realize anew that we contend with the powers of darkness in the world; we contend with lies and unrighteousness and it is the enemy who tempts us to believe that such contending is just not done in “polite” society; it looks bad; it might damage our standing with our peers; it might damage our career prospects, and so on.

Phill Kline lost the 2006 election for Attorney General to Paul Morrison and was elected to finish Morrison’s term as Johnson County District Attorney.

Before Kline left the AG’s office, copies of the documents which contained evidence of crimes committed by Planned Parenthood were transferred to Johnson County. Those documents lie at the heart of the legal fight now. .

Last year as Kline, in his role as Johnson County DA, was getting ready to charge PP with 107 crimes for violations of Kansas’ abortion laws, both PP and Paul Morrison sued Kline personally in what is called a mandamus action, directly in the Kansas Supreme Court. This is without precedent in Kansas law. Caleb Stegall (an elder for Grace Evangelical Presbyterian Church in

Lawrence) is leading the team of lawyers representing Kline before the state Supreme Court and now defending the prosecutor against the specious charges brought by the criminal defendant and a complicit AG. Again: A criminal defendant is suing the prosecutor for bringing charges against him! Here is why this is the most important abortion fight in decades: As far as they can tell, no prosecutor in the history of abortion in our country has been this close to convicting a major abortion provider of crimes related to abortions. This fact is stunning, and demoralizing in a way. All of the achievements of the pro-life cause since Roe v Wade in restricting abortions are meaningless if those laws cannot be enforced. Until now it has been impossible to enforce them.

One of the primary means used by the abortionists and their political defenders to advance their cause has been the use of secrecy and the cover of darkness. They have pursued their attacks on Phill Kline in the dead of night, as it were, conducting secret trials and imposing gag orders on all who might talk about what was going on, all in an effort to impose a chilling, code of silence ~ both politically and legally ~ over the issue of abortion. Up until earlier this month, the entire proceeding before the Kansas Supreme Court was held under seal ~ it was nothing short of a secret trial which brings up images of totalitarian countries . One of the biggest priorities for Kline’s team in this case has been to force it open to the light of day. They were finally successful on that issue earlier this month. Since then, as more and more people get a look behind the closed doors, the momentum of the case has been steadily swinging in favor of the pro-life forces. The truth is a powerful weapon. Those who we contend against can only prevail where the truth is covered up with lies. Where do we stand now? The Supreme Court has ordered briefing on the trial which was conducted last year to be filed TODAY (May 29, 2008). Following that, on June 12, the parties will be presenting their oral arguments to the Court.

The weeks before then will be crucial. It is likely there will be several press conferences in Topeka and Kansas City. There may even be a press conference in Washington, D.C., with some members of Congress seeking to hold hearings into the activities of Planned Parenthood in order to strip them of federal funding .

Pray for Phill Kline, his family, his lawyers, and their families. Phill and his top deputies have been sued by the Attorney and Planned Parenthood before the attorney disciplinary board. Abortion supporters would like any lawyer who opposes them to be stripped of their ability to practice law.

Pray that the Lord would guide the tongue of Phill’s lawyers to the right words. Pray for Caleb Stegall, his wife, and their children. . Pray that Caleb’s tongue would be guided to the words God would have him speak. Pray that Caleb’s livelihood would be protected. Pray that Caleb would not have a faint heart, but that he would have courage to stand. Pray that the courts will find the truth and do justice in this matter. Pray that the press conferences would go well ~ the media is the court of public opinion.

Pray that the oral arguments before the Court on June 12 would be successful and that God will confound the tongues and the minds of abortion lawyers who, through secrecy, intimidation, and lies seek to protect the ability of doctors to tear babies, viable babies, limb from limb, to vacuum out their brains, and do all kinds of unspeakable evils. Pray for our nation.

Following Thomas Jefferson, we all ought to tremble for our country when we realize that God is Just. But of course He is merciful too, so we pray that all of this would be used to magnify the work and mercy of Christ, who takes away the sin of the world. For much more background on all of this …





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