A Study in Contrast


N. T. WrightLast night, Bishop NT Wright was on the Colbert Report, on Comedy Central.  I had been previously told that the Colbert Report was top notch political comedy, so I decided to watch the entire episode.  I got through more of Pulp Fiction than I did of Colbert, and I only last about 15 minutes watching Pulp Fiction.  I was left wanting my 15 minutes back.

I got through five minutes of Colbert, and had to fast forward to the NT Wright segment.  (Yeah, I love having a DVR.)  Here is the segment with NT Wright: http://www.comedycentral.com/colbertreport/videos.jhtml?videoId=174352

Colbert was obnoxious, rude, disrespectful, and generally dislikable.  Wright was incredibly gracious, patient, and deferential.  Sadly, every time Bishop Wright was about to drive home a really solid, Biblical point, Colbert interrupted him.  Every time.  I came really close to not finishing the interview.

As I said before, I tried to watch the whole episode.  I realize that the Colbert Report is satire, and suppose to be funny, but when someone is interviewed on a show, even a satirical show, could Colbert put his childishness aside for 5 minutes, and let the man make a serious point?

Note to Comedy Central, try replacing Colbert with someone who is actually, funny.


6 Responses

  1. I hope they do not replace Colbert. I like knowing that Comedy Central is not funny so that I do not feel like I am missing something.

    That is what I like best about TV. It is not interesting, which works out good since I do not have time for it anyway.

    Vive la junc!

  2. You gotta remember, Colbert’s whole schtick is having serious people be on his show so he can pretend to have a serious conversation with them while making juvenile/imbecilic asides or asking juvenile/imbecilic questions. I wasn’t terribly offended by his behavior in this instance. Wright is probably happy he got the exposure.

  3. Luke,
    So we should use the lowest common denominator when we provide a product or service?

    FZGK, Wright or his publisher, HarperOne. It is very possible that watching the five minutes that I could tollerate, clouded my prespective. That being said, Weekend Update, or even the 1/2 Hour News Hour are/were far better in terms of content and delivery.

  4. Question 1:What is the prophecy in Isaiah that tells about the time of Jacob’s trouble ? Are we in that time now ?

    Question 2: Have rabbi’s been proclaiming that this is the time of Jacobs trouble at the wailing wall in Jerusalem once a year ?

    Question 3: Arafat, Clinton, and Rabin signed a 7 year peace contract. Did this nulify God’s covenant with Abraham?

    Question 4: In designating dates such as 2008 AD -there is another set of letters in use-2008 AL. What does AL stand for ?

    Thanks O great one!! JM

  5. JM
    Answer 1: I think the time of Jacob’s Trouble found mentioned in Jer 30:7 speaks to a future captivity that Israel. Jerimiah was called as a prophet around 626 BC, and Judah was conquered by Babylon around 587 BC. I think this is what Jerimaih refered to as the time of Jacob’s Trouble, because the First Temple was distroyed. The Temple was THE central point of Jewish culture, and worship, that its ruin was far more catostrophic to the Jewish culture than 9-11 was to American, and specifically New York, culture.

    Because of the importance of the Temple to Jewish culture, as well as the likely date of the prophesy in relation to the date of the Babylonian captivity, I think Jacob’s trouble refers to the Babylonian invasion and captivity, and not any far future events in our day.

    Answer 2: I do not know if there are any Rabbi’s that are making such a claim, however, if they were, I do no think it should have any bearing on our thinking in regards to the return of Christ.

    Answer 3: God’s covenant with Abraham is already fulfilled. God did make Abraham the father of amny nations, He did make Israel a great nation, and He has and continues to belss all nations of the earth through Abraham, in Jesus. Israel, having disobeyed God, was rightly punished by God, and removed from the land. God told the nation of Israel that they could return to the land, upon Israel’s repentance. As to the current state of Israel, they have no Biblical claim to the land they occupy, as they as a nation have not repented from their sin. They cartainly do have a political, and legal claim and those claims should be respected.

    Answer 4: I am not familiar what the designation AL stands for. I am familiar with BCE (Before Common Era) and CE (Common Era). I personally still use BC and AD.

  6. There was an interesting and, I thought, perceptive article in Foreign Affairs about America’s traditional support for Israel among the general populace and the reasons behind it. Sort of debunking the Zionist-neocon-conspiracy theories. Worth reading. It’s here.

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