Juno, A Post Modern Movie, and a Waste of Time

So my wife and I rented Juno this weekend.  We got it on a recommendation.  My impression in a few words is that the music was sub par (and that is generous) and the story is pretty dull, the characters are irritating.  I want my 2 hours back.

Juno is a junior in high school that gets pregnant by her best friend.  Apparently, she and her best friend were bored one night.  Yes, the excuse is that they were bored, and did not want to watch the Blair Witch Project.  Yes, her name is Juno.  As far as I could tell, Juno is a snarky, sarcastic, disconnected brat, who attempts to have life her own way.  At least she decides to walk out of the abortion clinic.

Juno’s parents take the news with some measure of grace, but really are not all that interesting. They do seem to offer as much support and help as they are able, but Juno does keep them at arms length.

The father of the baby is a wimp.  He has absolutely no guts, and just abandons responsibility to Juno.

Juno sets up an adoption for the baby, but from the start, the adoptive parents have real problems.  The wife is obsessed with having a baby, and the husband is a songwriter, reduced to writing for commercials, who really wants to be on the road playing music.  In the end, they do go through with the adoption, yet Juno and the boyfriend seem disaffected.

Then there was the music.  There was not a single song worth listening to.  Every single one was irritating, like fingernails on a chalkboard.

It was more postmodern drivel than I had much patience for.  While Gareth Higgins from the God’s Politics blog calls it a “Truly Pro-Life Film”, I don’t buy that.  There is no realization of the depth and gravity of what is going on.  Juno reduces everything so a snarky, sarcastic line, dodging real opportunities to connect with real life.

I want my 96 minutes back.


6 Responses

  1. Wow, that is quite a recommendation!

  2. I was trying not to be too harsh. I really thought it was a pretty worthless film.

  3. “JUNO Deluxe 2-CD Soundtrack.
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  4. Dude
    Let me refer you back to the comment I made in the first paragraph of this post about the music:

    “… the music was sub par (and that is generous)…”. If you want to waste the money on a CD that has music that is not as good as fingernails scratching a chalkboard, fine, your money. But there are better things to waste money on.

  5. Your comments on this film REALLY show you know nothing about teenagers or the way in which they see life. Maybe Juno and Bleeker are JUST being teenagers…

    • jimena
      Aside from the fact that teenager girls who have sex sometimes get pregnant, what part of this movie is based in reality? I do not currently know any teenager that is anywhere close to resembling Juno or Bleeker, nor did I when I was a teenager not so long ago. As I said in the post, Juno does not act like she realizes the gravity of her situation, and sadly, none of the adults seem to think it would be a good idea to clue her in.

      Further problematic is that she does not seem to think that giving her child to 2 VERY self absorbed adults isn’t a problem. I have several friends who have adopted, and the destructive behavior of the adopting couple in the movie is nothing like a real life couple about to adopt.

      Michael Cera, who plays Bleeker, is a disaster as an actor. He is the same character in every movie I have seen him in. Weak, disaffected, passionateless, post-modern, and 2 heartbeats away from a coma. He lacks depth, and a clue.

      You may be right that they are just being teenagers, but they are not any teenagers I knew that dealt with getting pregnant.

      Part of this I blame in poor acting. The rest of this I blame on a scriptwriter that seems to be incapable of writing anything worth being made into a film.

      “Just being teenagers” ultimately is a poor excuse for bad, unrealistic, dangerous, and stupid behavior. Sadly, Juno never really dealt with the reality of being a teenager and pregnant.

      It was just a waste of my 90 minutes that, unfortunately I will never be able to recover.

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