The Role of Spell Check in Blogging Tools

live writer To all of those who blog, and those who comment, make sure that you spell check your comments before posting them.  It helps when someone is trying to read your comments to have the words spelled correctly, although it is amazing what the brain will automatically correct on the fly when you are reading.

I suggest using Microsoft’s Live Writer.  It is easy to setup and use, and it works across multiple formats.  The UI is also 10 times better than any of the online service UI’s (I love WordPress, but even WordPress has it’s limits.  I refuse to compose online as the interface is just far too clunky.)  And the all important spell check.  It even highlights spelling errors just like Word does.  So you could fix words that you misspelled pretty easily.  Words like orgaisation could be easily corrected by right clicking on the word and getting the correct spelling: organization.


5 Responses

  1. An often overlooked aspect of the spell-checker on Windows Live Writer is that it also includes Canadian and UK English dictionaries. Most online spell-checkers are strictly US-English only.

    Down here in New Zealand our day-to-day speech and writing is much closer to British English than the American version.

  2. Bill
    I was not aware that there was international language support in Live Writer. Very cool.

  3. Are you suggesting to use WLW for comments? Seems like a bit of over kill. When spell-check is built into the browser. My problem is I have gotten to the point where I frequently ignore the spell-checker cause I am just trying to get it done.

  4. Luke,
    I usually use Word to spell check when I post comments. Perhaps it is a bit of overkill. At to spell check in the browser, IE does not have that yet, though you can download a 3rd party app for that. I have not, becuase I prefer not to clutter IE with 3rd party apps. If MS integrates a spell check into some future version of IE, I may run it then.

  5. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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