Calvinism: It’s a Good Thing!!!

Kim RiddlebargerAside from the overwhelming Biblical evidence that the Synod of Dort was correct in affirming the 5 points of Calvinism are, in fact, Biblical, there is also extJohn Calvinra-Biblical evidence as well.

I found the following two articles from Kim Riddlebargers’ blog, which, if you do not read, you should.

The first article comes from the New Scientist website.  Here is the first paragraph:

It might be clichéd to say that religious people see the world differently, but new research finds that Dutch Calvinists notice embedded visual patterns quicker than their atheist compatriots.

I for one am pretty excited about this.  Being very influenced by Dutch Calvinism, especially Abraham Kuyper, I am always happy to see my convictions vindicated, even if it is in some small way.

The second article is even better.  I am not really a fan of milk chocolate.  It is ok, but I really prefer something more complex.  Dark chocolate, bittersweet chocolate and the like are more my taste.  Next year is the 500 birthday of John Calvin.  So what?  Well, the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches approached Swiss chocolatier Blaise Poyet, asking him to create a confection that would mark Calvin’s birth.  Poyet said of his creation:

"It’s not easy to represent theological ideas by using the taste buds,"


"But the key thing for Calvin is the glory of God, his excellence, his perfection. So we chose a chocolate that we chocolatier find exceptional, rare and flawless."

"Our creations are not just chocolates with a logo," notes Poyet. "We take our research seriously."Reformed Calvinist Chocolates

Blaise PoyetYou can read the rest of the article here, to find out what this amazing sounding candy is made of.

Calvin 09 celebrates Calvin’s birthday, and has a shop where you can order your chocolates, here.  No, they are not cheap.  Remember, Poyet did say, “…exceptional, rare and flawless."

On a related note, in honor of Calvin’s 500 birthday, there is a conference and tour next July in Paris, Strasburg, Bern, and Geneva’s St. Pierre Cathedral.  The list of sponsors include some of the best Presbyterian and Reformed seminaries in the United States.  The list of conference speakers is even more impressive.  All this and fine chocolate too, to celebrate the Calvin Quincentenary


3 Responses

  1. A Hyper-Calvinist is a Calvinist who admits to believing what all Calvinists believe. A regular Calvinist is a Hyper-Calvinist trying to convince non-Calvinists by lies that he doesn’t believe what all Calvinists believe. All Calvinists believe that their god is the author of evil and that this god causes each and every sin that is committed then punishes the puppet for doing what he made it do, but that he also arbitrarily elected some puppets to escape punishment for what he made them do.

  2. Beowulfk,
    You clearly demonstrate quite a bit of error in your understanding the distinction between Calvinism and Hyper-Calvinism. From

    hyper-Calvinism is the belief that God saves the elect through His sovereign will with little or no use of the methods of bringing about salvation (such as evangelism, preaching, and prayer for the lost). To an unbiblical fault, the hyper-Calvinist over-emphasizes God’s sovereignty and under-emphasizes man’s responsibility in the work of salvation.

    You clearly demonstrate no understanding of the difference between Calvinism, and hyper-Calvinism. Let me refer you to the Cannons of Dort, the Westminster Confession of Faith, and to the 5 points of Calvinism. Study what is said by all three of these, and you will have a better understanding of Calvinism. You may not agree, but it might prevent you from making false, baseless, and uninformed comments about Calvinism. All three can be found for free at

  3. Paul,
    I’m generally pretty cautious when it comes to interpreting “scientific” results. Giving them the benefit of the doubt that the experimental results are umambiguous (which is dangerous to begin with), I don’t see how any particular explanation stems from those facts. It’s entirely guesswork beyond that.

    Just my 2 cents.

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