I Got Mii a Wii


Several weeks ago, I was given a Nintendo Wii (pronounced “we”).  After playing with it for a little bit, I discovered it is quite possibly the best gaming system ever made.  As cool as the XBox 360 is, Nintendo has really raised the bar.  This is the only area that a competitor has out done a Microsoft product, since Windows 95, maybe.

nunchuk.jpgSo what makes the Wii so good?  It forces you off the couch.  The Wii comes with one game, Wii Sports, and one wireless controller, called a Wiimote.  Oh yeah, and a Nunchuck

Mii Wii Family 1 Starting off, you should make a Mii?  A Mii you ask?  What’s that?  A Mii, pronounced “me” is a representation of your likeness in the animation style of Mario Brothers.  Mii Wii family is to the left.  The Mii you create will be the character you control in some of the games for the Wii.  They are actually pretty cool.  The Mii’s you create can “mingle” in a big room with each other.  Some of them go to sleep, and others talk to each other.  You can also import your Mii’s onto your Wiimote and take them to someone else’s Wii, where you can upload them to the other Wii, and play those characters on the other Wii. 

wiisports.jpgThe Wii Sports allows you to play Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Golf and Boxing.  You can try to play these games while you sit down, but it is better if you are standing up.  Yes I have tried to play some of these games sitting down.  Last night actually.  I only did it because my little toe is broken, and standing is a bit painful right now.  Sitting isn’t much better.

Back from the ADD moment.  In order to get the best results, you really should act as if you are playing the real games.  Yes, you should swing the Wiimote like a tennis racquet, baseball bat, golf club, ect.  No, you should not actually throw the Wiimote when you bowl, just fake that part.  The boxing requires both hands, so you should hook up the nunchuck controller to the Wiimote.  The correlation between your movements and the movements of your Mii is pretty good.  There is a trick to each game, but once you figure that part out, you are on your way.

The great thing is, that for less than half the cost of some gym memberships, you an get a sweet gaming system, that gets you off the couch, and gets you active.  I have played the more active games offered on Wii Sports, and it takes very little time to break a sweat, and with a little more effort, you an have a pretty good aerobic workout.  All of that while you forget you are exercising, because you think you are playing a video game.

You can also send and receive e-mail, play Nintendo Game Cube games with Game Cube controllers, and download classic Nintendo games to play.

wiiweather1.jpgNeed to check the weather, in Edinburgh?  Planning on being a hostage in Al Ramidi, and want to know how you should dress for the climate?  Wonder what the forecast will be in Quincy IL for the week?  It is all on the Wll.  The Wii is WIFI enabled, so you can look the weather up, even in the South Pole.  Spin the globe, find your destination and check the weather.Wii News Channel-1_qjpreviewth.jpg

Want today’s headlines?  You can get the news from around the world,lego_star_wars_the_complete_saga_PS3_cover.jpg wether by scrolling through categories, or spinning the virtual globe.  Keep in mind that the news is brought to you by AP, so it will likely be littered with leftist bias, but even al AP gets it right once in a while, albeit by accident.

One of my wife’s brothers gave my oldest Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga for the Wii.  Yes, all 6 episodes.  It is pretty amazing itself.  You can play this one sitting down.  Everything in the game looks like it was built with Lego’s.  _fit_Wii_cover.jpg

The game that I hear the most buzz about is the Wii Fit.  No I do not have it yet.  It comes with a “step” that you use for all sorts of stuff, balance training, step aerobics, yoga, and probably a bunch more stuff.  I don’t have it yet because of the sweet price tag ($90).  But perhaps by Christmas, I can find a used one.

WII_SPORTS_PACKAGE.jpgThere are also several cool, yet unnecessary add-on’s you can get, like the Wii Sports pack.  A tennis racquet that the Wiimote fits into, a baseball bat, and golf club, so it feels more real.  Also, there is a steering wheel, a handgun, crossbow shooter, and a rifle, all extra’s that Nintendo or the 3rd party manufacturers would love for you to buy.  As cool as these toys are, I don’t think I will get any of them yet.

guitar3.jpgYou can even rent games from Blockbuster.  I rented Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock a couple of weeks ago.  Blockbuster even supplied the Les Paul controller.  Even though gh3guitar.jpgI am not a guitar player, I noticed a few things pretty quickly:

1) If you know the song, you will do much better, which would explain why I did so well on “Rock and Roll All Night” by Kiss and “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” by Pat Benatar.

2) The fret board only has 5 buttons, and the notes you see on the screen do not always correlate to the notes you hear, which is a bit frustrating. 

3) This is probably the most important observation.  I was told by friends that are real guitar players, that if you do not play guitar now, but want to learn, stay away from Guitar Hero.  You will get use to playing the game, and when you start learning the real instrument, you will get frustrated that you do not rock on a real guitar, you just rock on Guitar Hero.  However, if you never have any intention of learning to play guitar, go for the fake guitar.  But why be satisfied with the video game?  My wife would be impressed if I played the real thing, and I bet your significant other would be impressed if you learned to play guitar, too.

All in all, this game system is really a must own.  You get video game, fitness trainer, news feeder, weather forecaster, and weight loss all for less than $400.  Most gym memberships aren’t even that cheap.


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