31 Days with John Calvin – Day 4

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In this way, the vain pretext which many employ to clothe their superstition is overthrown. They deem it enough that they have some kind of zeal for religion, how preposterous so ever it may be,not observing that true religion must be conformable to the will of God as its unerring standard; that he can never deny himself, and is no spectra or phantom, to be metamorphosed at each individual’s caprice.  John Calvin – Institutes 1.4.3


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2 Responses

  1. Nothing to do with Calvin-sorry about that. But some interesting quotes to share. “A musical icon is NOT an American Hero.” Bob Sheffier of CBS News, Friday, July 3. Which I feel should be shared globaly. I am sorry for the Jackson family and their loss of their son. But people are going bonkers over what he represented and the lifestyle he lived. He will be judged as we all will be and will be found wanting as many of us will be found.
    The second comment is about the not so great president of the USA while he is visiting the USSR. “There is not future for nations who build armies.” And if nations don’t build armies who then will protect them from rogue nations ? Maybe we should rely on carnival games where you get three shots for a dollar to shoot at a wooden duck and if you hit the poor thing three times in a row you win a stuffed toy of Obama ? Hey-now that sounds like real diplomacy!!!

  2. It is not really surprising that people are going overboard regarding Michael Jackson’s death. John Calvin said that men are designed for worship. Man will either worship God, or man will invent some idol to worship. No one is immune, believer or not. Our hearts are idol factories, creating and improving whatever idols make us feel better. We are designed to worship, but are not capable of worshiping God in the way He commands us to (the regulative principle of worship) unless He enables us to worship Biblically.

    As to politics. Nothing new, nothing to see here, no change.

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