Elisha’s Bones

I am not much of a fan of Christian fiction.  Too much of what I have read falls into one or two categoriesElisha's Bones

1) Poorly written (Left Behind), or

2) Bad Theology (Left Behind, The Shack).

But, every once in a while, a book in Christian fiction comes along that is actually worth reading.  Usually the book is not pushing bad theology (or any theology at all), the story is well told, and the characters are actually believable.  Elisha’s Bones is one such book.

Jack Hawthorne is an archeologist, and professor of antiquities, who sets out to find Elisha’s Bones for an eccentric, wealthy man.  Running around the world with an ex-girlfriend, Jack faces one challenge after another, in a fight for his life in order to find the bones of an old prophet.

Not wanting to spoil the story, I will leave the synopsis at that.  But there are 2 things that stand out about this book,

1) The characters are believable.  Jack Hawthorne is a guy you can go hang out with at your local coffee shop with and have a cup of Joe, or any other place where fine beverages are sold. Don Hoesel

2) The view that Don Hoesel writes this from.  Present active tense is out of the box, but don’t let that get in the way of enjoying a well crafted story.  I will admit it takes a couple of pages to get use to, but it is well done.  I can’t imagine reading it any other way.

OK, one other great plus, there is no theological agenda.  Don just does a fantastic job telling a great story.



Go get this book.  Get a few copies to pass out to friends.  While you are at it, go pre-order Do’s second book, Hunters Moon due out February 1 , 2010.  You will not be disappointed!!!





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