What North Carolina Voters Decide is in Their Best Interest, Only Legally Affects the Residents of NC. It is That Simple.

Politically, a majority of North Carolina voters added something to their state constitution that they believed was in their own best interest.  While it may have a political and cultural impact in other states, it has no legal impact, except in NC.  This is the action of a majority of the voters in one state, not the US House or US Senate.  The vote in NC has no legal, binding authority on the vast majority of Americans.  Regardless of how you would have voted if it had been an amendment to your states constitution, your opinion on how the voters in NC voted DOES NOT MATTER.  Please, get over it.  The only opinions on the issue in NC that count are the ones held by the people that voted.  Chances are, you were not eligible to vote in NC.  I wasn’t either.  It is their state, and their responsibility to vote their conscience.  When the issue comes up in your state, you will have a chance to voice your opinion via your vote.  When your state votes on the issue, and if it hasn’t, it will, unless the state is TN, then my opinion of the matter is worthless.

If, more likely when, this comes up for a vote in the US House or Senate, my hope is that any bill on the issue of marriage will die a quick death.  The US Constitution does not give any branch of the federal government the authority to speak on the issue.  Per the 10th amendment it is properly left to the states.  If you don’t like how the voters of your state have decided on the issue, you have two choices:

1) Work to change the law, or

2) Move to a state where the majority of voters did vote in a way that you would have voted.

If you live in a state that the majority of voters voted differently than NC voted, and you disagree with it, you have the same options.  Change the law, or leave.

It really is that simple.  No, it really is.

Actually, no state or local community should be legislating in any way on marriage.  Marriage is not a function of the state, it is a function of the church.  Marriage is first, last as always a theological practice.  It preaches the Gospel.  The state has no ability to do that.  That a couple must pay for a sheet of paper so that a state can allow a marriage exist is a tax scam, and nothing more than that.

An individual church has the freedom to decide if it wants to preform a wedding ceremony for a particular couple.  There is enough diversity in American church culture that if one church refuses to preform a ceremony, you can likely find a church that will.

This rant is sponsored by my tiredness with the multitude of pontifications on the issue of marriage that are either only political in nature and are absent any constitutional, or 10th amendment considerations, and my irritation with the over moralization of a particular morality without the consideration of the larger point that the Gospel makes when it is communicated through marriage.


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