About The Next Reformation

The Next Reformation blog is my oppertunity to comment on politics, theology, pop culture, life and every thing else, from a Biblical, Reformed worldview. 

With Scripture as the final authority of all matters related to Faith and life, I subscribe to The Westminster Confession of Faith as an excellent source for Biblical theology.

Scripture alone informs my views on politics, culture, economics, truth, beauty, and sanity.

A Word on Comments

I encourage, and welcome comments, however, please keep in mind a few things:

  1. The default position of this blog is theologically Reformed as well as politically and economically conservative.
  2. Any comments containing foul language, or crude remarks will be deleted, and the poster privately asked to refrain from using such language on this blog.  I do not post such language to other blogs, please do me the same courtesy. 
  3. Please use all caps ONLY when you wish to emphasize something.  Typing in all caps is viewed as shouting, and may get the comments deleted.
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