Essential Listening

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Church and Ministry Audio

Christ Community Church – Series on Revalation

White Horse Inn

American Vision

Bible Answer Man


Dr George Grant

Dr. RC Sproul

What is Reformed Theology? CD Collection


Rush Limbaugh

Sean Hannity

Glenn Beck

Steve Gill

Phil Valentine

Just for fun, because if you don’t laugh, you might loose it.  Please note, I do not in any way endorse the ideas of the hosts listed below, but they are instructive in terms of understanding the liberal, political point of view.  The hosts are listed from the ones I like the most, to the ones I like the least.  All of these hosts are on Air America, and I have listened to all of the hosts I list, and agree with none of what I have heard so far, as they all seem to suffer from “Bush Derangement Syndrom”.

Randi Rhodes

Rachel Maddow

Thom Hartman

The Lionel Show


Rex Paul

 Derek Webb

Mockingbird (Espicially listen to “A New Law”.)



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