Guest Post by Luke Gedeon

Today’s post is from my brother-in-law, Luke Gedeon, Executive Director for the Caring for China Center.


Please Donate A Blog Post to C4C

Luke Gedeon

Caring for China (C4C) is a growing non-profit organization with a dream to change the world… or at least a piece of it. Like any other non-profit, we are dependent on donations from people like you, but…

Here is a chance to give to a great cause without it costing you a penny!

All we need is for you to write a blog post. If enough people write about Caring for China, Zemanta will donate to C4C part of the thousands of dollars it is giving away!

Hey, post a link to this post on Facebook, Twitter, and everywhere else too, will ya?

Here are the instructions from Zemanta, the sponsor of this project.

  1. Blog about your favorite non-profit (Caring for China, right?) and why their work makes a difference. (If you want to, you can just copy this post. It is free for the copying.)
  2. Paste this text and link to the end of your post. Without this text and link, we will be unable to track and credit your charitable cause as part of this campaign:

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  1. Publish your post!!
  2. Then go tell your friends to do the same!

Will you help today?

By the way, I know for a few of you this really does not fit with the character and topic of your blog. If so, or if you do not have a blog of your own, contact me about a guest post opportunity. You will get free links to the site(s) of your choice and help out a good cause.

Here is a summary, from the website, of what C4C is all about:

China is quickly and peacefully becoming a modern, capitalist democracy. Well, quickly in comparison to its five thousand year history, and in comparison to other nations in the past. Few nations, have made this transition peacefully.

China might.

To make this huge transition, though, China is going to need a lot of support from the rest of the world. Even more importantly the people of China need our support in this difficult period of Chinese history.

The Caring for China Center was founded to help the people of China to survive in this restless time and to seize this moment of opportunity.

This blog post is part of Zemanta’s “Blogging For a Cause” campaign to raise awareness and funds for worthy causes that bloggers care about.


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