Hug a Calvinist Day

I first read about this at the Reformed Chicks Blabbing blog.  It was created by Ken Shepherd on Facebook.  Ken has set Hug A Calvinist Day for July 10, 2008.  Were Calvin still alive, he would be 499 years old this summer. 


Next year is the 500th birthday of John Calvin.  There is an Anniversary trip and celebration conference planned for July 2009.  The trip is a bit on the expensive side, but looks to be well worth the effort.  The trip will be led and hosted by a plethora of well respected scholars such as Bryan Chapell, R. Scott Clark and Ligon Duncan to name a few.  Great theological minds, visiting historic places connected with one of the greatest theological minds in Protestant history, Strausburg, Paris, and ending in Geneva, what more could you ask for?  You can get more information on the celebration here.

If you can’t afford the trip, then you can at least get ready for a small celebration at home, by obtaining some of these fine products here.  For those of you with significant others, I highly recommend this.

Anyone want to donate to the fund for a 10th wedding anniversary trip for my wife and I?