Calvinist not a Threat, Attorney General Says

Attorney General Mukasey announced that the current national security threat we face in the US is not from Calvinists, but from Islamic extremist.  This stunning revelation in the New York Sun relieves the concerns of many Calvinist and Calvinist sympathizers. 

Asked about so-called profiling of Muslims, Mr. Mukasey said that tactic is not used at airports. However, he used blunt language to defend extra scrutiny the Justice Department gives to militant Islamic groups.

“So far as focusing investigations, we investigate where the threat is coming from. The threat is coming from Islamic extremism. It’s not coming from Calvinism,” the attorney general said. “We’d be out of our minds not to mention the waste of resources to look everyplace simply in the name of being correct.”

At the Founders blog, some raise the issue that to some Christians, Calvinism is worse than terrorism.    THey also speculate that the AG is not going to look for a job in the SBC when he steps down, but Founders might have an interest in retaining him as legal counsel.  Tim Ellsworth’s readers wish the SBC to be notified, and are concerned that Calvinism was mentioned along with Islamic extremism.  Mike Whittmann is more concerned about the Free Will Baptist than the Calvinist.  I know some Free Will Baptist, and all the ones I know would rather preach the Gospel to terrorist, while the terrorist is behind bars, than become terrorist themselves, so that group is not a worry either.


The 5th and Final Cylon


For those of you who, like me, are addicts of Battlestar Galactica, you have wondered for almost a year, who is the 5th  and final Cylon?  At the end of season 3, we find that Chief Tyrol, Sam Anders, Tory Foster, and Saul Tigh , are 4 of the final 5.  Producer and creator of the series, Ronald Moore, has held out on who the final Cylon is, much to everyone’s frustration, but we watch it anyway.  Why?  Because Battlestar Galactica is just so good, and you should be watching it too.

Catching up on the 100 or so blogs I subscribe to, I ran across the answer.  Actually, this post at is where I started to find the answer.  They linked to this post at Chris Palmer’s blog.  The picture he has comparing Saul Tigh and John Mc Cain is mccain.john.mediaviolence.9.14.00.jpgfrightening.tigh.jpg

Maybe John Mc Cain isn’t such a bad choice after all?