Wireless Power, Anyone?

Edit 1-30-07: My apologies to Michele at the Reformed Chicks Blabbing blog.  I first saw this on their site, and should have given credit.  Fortunately, that is now corrected.

If you are like me, and there is bound to be someone out there like  me, you love gadgets, especially useful ones.  My Razr, my Axim, and my Bluetooth headset, and my mp3 player are daily necessities for me.  (Yes, my current mp3 player is a bit lame, but I am saving up for the Zune)

Powering these daily essentials is a mixture of power cables  that  would leave a cat in paradise, or fried if the cat played with them too much.  However, this year, that will all begin to change.

I have used wireless devices for a couple of years now.  My previous  Pocket PC was a Toshiba e740, with integrated WIFI.  It was great!!!  I could sit on the couch and surf the web without wires, except for the pesky problem of battery drain.  It caused me to wish that there was a way to power wireless devices, wirelessly.

Now, someone has done it.  In the little town of Ligioner PA (yes, the same town that Dr. RC Sproul started Ligioner Ministries) is a new little company that is about to change how small devices are powered: Powercast.

Imagine not ever having to buy batteries again.  No more having to attach your device to a wire to charge it up.  No more dropping a call because you forgot to charge your cell phone.

Powercast has figured out how to use RF frequencies to transmit power.  Starting out, the devices that will use this will be small, and the range is about a meter, but it is a big step in the right direction. 

This is really a big deal.  Powercast really has their hands on something that is a real step forward in technology.  While cell phone companies are making smaller and smaller devices that can surf the web, play music, send and receive e-mail, and even make phone calls, Powercast has something truly innovative.  Hey, wireless now means something.


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