Rockers Unite


Originally posted 6/13/06

I have been waiting not so very patiently to do this post, for several weeks. Now that this record is finally out, I can make some noise about it. Honestly, I have had a hard time containing myself. When I first heard this record, it immediately went on my “Must Own” list. And these days, that is becoming a shorter and shorter list.

There is really something for everyone here. If you are someone that likes to listen to great progressive rock, or if you are a guitar aficionado, Hero Shuffle is for you.

For someone who likes to just listen to great music, this is a great record. This is the kind of record that you just want to grab on your way to the convertible, take the top off, and drive, with the sound somewhere around 10. Make sure that it is sunny, and around 75 degrees or more.

For you guitar players, be ready to be blown away. The riffs will have you wanting more. And after listening to the title cut, Hero Shuffle, you will promptly take all of your gear, and place it in the nearest trashcan. The combination of Rex, Phil Keaggy and Eric Johnson is unbelievable. By the end of the record, you will go back to that trashcan and pull all of your gear out, put it back in place, and resolve to be a better player.

Power songs like Blue Sky Morning (featuring Dan Huff), Faith, Hope, Love and my favorite, The Best That I Can Do, set high standards for progressive rock excellence. Additionally, strong ballads like Circle With No End, Welcome to Heaven, and Holy Serenade demonstrate well-crafted music and lyrics. Finally, songs like Always Been Her, Temporary Sanity and Teach Me How To Love You show Rex’s versatility as an artist.

This is what Phil, Eric, and Dan have to say about Rex, and Hero Shuffle:

“I have come to believe that Rex is one of the best guitarists around these days… be sure to listen to his latest CD. Great stuff! – Phil Keaggy

“Rex is a talented musician, not only with a fine guitar style, but as an accomplished singer and song writer as well.” – Eric Johnson

“In essence, Rex is in total control of his instrument. Chops are not an issue… there is no higher praise I can give.” – Dan Huff

This is the best record I have gotten my hands on in a long time. But hey, don’t take my word for it. Check out Rex’s site. And to hear clips from the record go here.

From The Next Reformation, to those about to rock, we salute you!