A Study in Contrast


N. T. WrightLast night, Bishop NT Wright was on the Colbert Report, on Comedy Central.  I had been previously told that the Colbert Report was top notch political comedy, so I decided to watch the entire episode.  I got through more of Pulp Fiction than I did of Colbert, and I only last about 15 minutes watching Pulp Fiction.  I was left wanting my 15 minutes back.

I got through five minutes of Colbert, and had to fast forward to the NT Wright segment.  (Yeah, I love having a DVR.)  Here is the segment with NT Wright: http://www.comedycentral.com/colbertreport/videos.jhtml?videoId=174352

Colbert was obnoxious, rude, disrespectful, and generally dislikable.  Wright was incredibly gracious, patient, and deferential.  Sadly, every time Bishop Wright was about to drive home a really solid, Biblical point, Colbert interrupted him.  Every time.  I came really close to not finishing the interview.

As I said before, I tried to watch the whole episode.  I realize that the Colbert Report is satire, and suppose to be funny, but when someone is interviewed on a show, even a satirical show, could Colbert put his childishness aside for 5 minutes, and let the man make a serious point?

Note to Comedy Central, try replacing Colbert with someone who is actually, funny.